The Escape Vault Escape Rooms in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Our Different Escapes

Escape Room - Hannibal The Serial Killer

Hannibal The Serial Killer

“A not so nice serial killer has you trapped In his house and will be leaving for one hour. He will be testing your basic knowledge to see how smart enough you all are to escape. You and your teammates have to use logic problem-solving skills and creativity to survive, but like I said you only have 60 minutes and you’ll realize that time is your worst enemy.

Difficulty: 7/10

Escape Room - Jumanji Jungle

Jumanji Jungle

When you decided to rent an old house, you were warned that this house keeps its secrets, but even the last disappearance of its previous owners did not protect you from this fabulous country cottage. Having stopped by and settled down, you hear distant sounds of drums. This rhythmic call takes you to the attic of a house that remembers its previous owners and must remain sealed under the terms of the lease. It seems that this music comes … from the board game? The game that knows how to set deadly traps. The game that was started long before you came to this house!

Difficulty: 7/10

Escape Room -  Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery (Coming Soon)

Robbing a bank is not too easy, but you’ve prepared very well. You chose a perfect time, built a tunnel and got right to the main vault. The end of the good news! First of all, when you left the tunnel, it closed with earth right behind your backs. Secondly, you found a new security system that calls police automatically when feeling that the safes are being cracked. There’s nothing to do: you have to steal everything you can and get out before the police arrives. But be careful: the bank is new and not all the safes are filled with something valuable.